Welcome to Seamammalswithgreys.org

This website was created to create awareness for the most graceful of all animals: the sea mammal.

Despite the fact that there are many sites out there dedicated to sea mammals, I felt the need to start this site as I felt I have something to share.

And yes,  I know sea mammals and greys(greyhounds that is) is an odd combination, but they all hold a special place in my heart. The fact that most Greys hate water makes it an even odder combination!
But their plight is as serious as the plight of the whales and the seals and that is why I created one site for sea mammals and Greyhounds.

Even more, I'm the proud human companion of 3 of these amazing creatures. Sadly, the oldest Greyhound (to my knowledge) ever, old Gitana, died just 2 months ago on April 14th 2009. She was 17 years old. This is much much longer than many of her species are allowed to live. Read about the plight of the Greys under the button for Greyhounds.

This website will give hope. We have worked so hard and we have achieved so many good things for the seals - especially the Cape Fur Seal. These seals are often overshadowed by the cruelty and abuse of the hood and harp seals, but their suffering is just as important. 
The world knows about the Canadian seal hunt, but hardly anybody knows about the Namibian seal hunt. Read more about this under the button for Seals.

The final button is the Whales button. These majestic mammals are hunted relentlessly by Japan. There are organisations dedicated to stopping this (such as Sea Shepherd), but the aim of this website is to create awareness for whales in general. We would like to focus on the Minke Whales, again, a forgotten group of whales and the smallest balain whales alive. Without protection, they are bound for extinction.

Most of all we want you to enjoy this site. We aim to give you as much information as we can about the Greyhounds, the Cape Fur Seals and the Minke Whales.

We are, of course open to suggestions from your side, thus please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

We will never stop defending them, the Whales, the Seals and the Greys,

All the best,

Anjo Verburg
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