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Dog Breeders Malpractice

Pedigree dogs

Herewith I would like to ask your attention for a not so pleasant subject, namely the pedigree dogs and the breeding of their race standards established by the Boards as they are dictated now. These standards dictate where breeders focus on when chosing a male dog, together with their female dog to breed a nest.

Outer specifications are the highest standards, because the ultimate score at a contest means that they establish a good name, they will be able to sell their pups at a good price and above all their male dog will be number one in breeding.

And the latter one, as so many things in life means that all negative effects start entering. All kinds of deseases and all kind of genetic disorders start to develop in the genes of the pedigree dogs. This is why so many breeds are going down, are unhealty and start to show so many disfunctions.

Of course there are a great number of good and trustful breeders who care for the wellbeing and health of their pups. No blame for them. But the system of setting the race standards only on outer charactarisations is a danger at itself, health issues should be far more important. But they are not in most occasions.


The dog that once was

Let's start with the beginning to make the above story more clear. The start and the wolf and how he looked. The wolf is the base of all dog pedigrees.

By breeding on all kind of characterisations a lot of breeds have developed. At first they were breeded on behaviour, dogs had to have a function to earn their bread, like hunting dogs, guard dogs and so on.

The dog beyond

Growing wealth with people made that it was no longer necessary for the dog to earn his bread and so the need for specific marks was no longer there, the dog became a compagnion of us humans. And some times even a step further, a fashion dog.

Well, a dog that becomes a fashion dog, there is not so much wrong with that, the dog undergoes
this happily and gets love and attention. It becomes worse when physical disfunctions and deseases develop because of which the dog suffers and is in pain, not only for the dog himself, but also for his owners. A lot of books have been writen about deseases that occur because of wrong breeding,
but it seems it does not get through to the brains of the people responsible for this, they should look at the health of the dog first not at the standards asked for.


Let's look at some cases.

Please look at the hind legs of this Shepherd Dogs that originaly are very close to the wolfs.
I think this does not need any explanation. There are some changes due to protests from the outside
world. Unfortunately almost none from the inside breeders world.

This dog is not walking forward but is crawling and the fact is that how lower his hind legs are, the better, according to the pedigree standards. Looks are prefered above the health of the dog, this is
outrageous. They call it frog legs and it is a standard for German Shepherd dogs, how crazy can it be.

Herewith a picture from a normal German Shepherd dog and a show dog, it is devastating and outrageous.

German shepherd, now and then


And not only the German Shepherd Dog is a victim of so called pedigree standards.

They are not the only ones mutilated by pedigree standards, herewith some other examples.

 Bullterrier then with a normal nose and now, and Dachshund with short legs so that his belly is touching the ground when walking, terrible.

Also the Basset Hound, it's belly and chest are touching the ground, which causes a lot of infections and what about the wrinkles in the so very short legs, this causes also a lot of infections and skin problems, this is also at stake with the Sharpei.



      And what did we do with the Bulldog and the Pug? Eyes are peeping out, this causes a lot of
problems, the eyes can be severely damaged when touched in their neck. Because of their flat nose they have breathing problems when it gets a bit warmer in summer. The curled tale of the Pug is in fact a twirl of the spine.
The teeth have become an underbite, a serious problem if you are a human, but a pedigree standard if you are a Pug. The first two pictures below are of the original bulldog, the next picture is one of what we made of them, the last one is of what we made of the Pug.





Left how the scull of a Bulldog changed by breeding. Below the Bulldog then and now.

And then the poor Pekingese dog, grasping for air walking a show, hardly able to breed by the combination of all the hair and the little legs.

But he gets prices for his owner, well that for sure!

Wrinkles in the skin can cause many problems. It looks nice, agreed, but do you want to own a dog with which you end up frequently in a vets waiting room?


The heads of the Cavaliers have to be very little,
and because of enduring breeding they succeeded but the heads of these dogs are often
to small for their brains, so these dogs suffer in an unbeleavable way and/or develop all
kinds of vague complains like continuously scratching.

Bad breeders do not hesitate to breed within the family, this means in-breeding, parent and child or brothers and sisters, or grandparents and grandchildren. In 10 of the examined pedigrees, gene loss is found. These 10 pedigrees are mentioned below, behind the advice
of the Animal Welfare Council.
These pedigree excesses have lead to syringomyelia and heartproblems with Cavaliers. Half of all the dogs has between age 10 and 11 problems with this.

Pedigree problems have lead to heart problems and cancer (most of it brain tumors) with Boxer dogs, eyeproblems with Labradors, enzyme disfunction with springer Spaniels, cancer with Golden Retrievers, skin problems with West  Highland White Terriers, etc. etc. The system rewards bad breeders but does not think twice about the dogs.


20% of the Rigebacks has no ridge and investigation shows that these `ridgeless`dogs are far more healthy than the dogs with a ridge.
10% of the Ridgebacks suffer from dermocines, wholes in their skin the eason why the bone merrow is touched by infections. But a Ridgeback without
ridge seems not to be able to get a live, has to be sterilised or even has to be killed.



This is a shocking story, and these are shocking images, this is true. But if all of us remain silent, so many beautiful pedigrees will meet their end and so many families that buy, as innocent as they are, a pedigree dog, will end up in tears. So much suffering is a fact for all these dogs.
Nobody knows, just a few of us care. A lot of Boards do not care, they are only interested in pedigree standards, whenever a dog is suffering, well, thatīs ok. And also, breeders who breed against knowing better, you should know better. Just because of winning a show on stupid standards, this is no good at all, the dogs suffer, you breed illnesses in the pedigree, but you do not care at all, it is all about money. You breed with ill dogs, but according to the pedigree standards all is ok.
But not for us, we, here and now, start a campaign against all of you breeders.

Warning, this video, the source of above accusations and pics contains shocking images.


Hopefully someday changes in the genes and appearances of dogs, like the change in the skull of a Bullterrier through the years as shown below, belong to the past.

To end this plea a column in a Dutch newspaper dating 27 januari 2011 about inbreeding that accidently ended up in a Labrador who had a liver disease and became the size of a Chihuahua. This Labrador needed surgery at an expense of 2000 euro to keep him alive.

Berry Spruijt, professor at the university of Utrecht, the Netherlands, said that inbreeding and breeding on outerly chracteristics instead of looking at the health of an animal caused immense animal suffering and in fact a certificated pup was only an indication for future trouble.



If you
 like to do something about these horrible, irreversible, unhealthy mutilations of races please sent the following 
mail to the adresses below.
Dear breader,

Herewith a letter from a concerned dog lover. I saw some terrible and alarming items at 
the internet about your breeding practices, and to be honest, it did not make me happy at 
all. What I saw was mutilated dogs, having problems breathing because the race standard 
is a flat nose,
having problems with their hind legs, dogs having epileptic seasures, dogs with ears that
touch the floor and getting sour because long ears is a so called race standard, what are
you doing to our beloved companions? You make these breeds into sad and disabled creatures
only to make money out of them.
You make extreme creatures out of animals mother nature had a purpose for, not for your 
standards and I despite you for this. Today we will start a campaign to stop these, in my
opinion illegal practices and we will go on until we have stopped this. All dogs are
entitled to a happy and healthy live and what you are doing to them makes them unhappy 
and unhealthy. I know you will disagree, but I'm sorry, for me the wellbeing of dogs is 
number one, to you it seems only money counts.
I can only hope this will change the opinion of people buying dogs that meet your crazy
standards, if we can show them how much suffering comes from all of this.

Yours sincerely,

Please add your name and send this message to below mentioned e-mail addresses, just copy 
the text, paste, undersign and send:

Netherlands: New Zealand:
Norway: info@nkk.n
Portugal: :
Russia: ;

These are just some of the e-mail addresses of Boards of dog breeders. If you send your
protest to just one of them this maybe help. In order to help us, if you do so, please 
us a copy of your mail, to

Thank you so much, on behalf of all pedigree dogs,

Yours sincerely,

Anjo Verburg



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