The plight of the Greyhounds is serious and unfortunately isn't well known.

Greyhounds are associated with dog racing, but few people know what lies behind this "sport" and what many people don't know is that Greyhounds are also used as hunting dogs.

The suffering of Greyhounds is profound.  The money earned off these dogs are unreal.

In 1999 I adopted 3 of these amazing dogs (see picture below) and it was only then that I was made aware of their silent suffering. These three creatures have become more than just dogs - they became an integral part of my every day existence.

Greyhound racing is not what it seems: when these animals outlive their usefulness, many of them are hung up in trees, and the dogs that performed well are usually hung in the highest branches of trees, so they will not "suffer". Of course, the dogs that did not perform as well (which are usually the majority) are hung on the lowest branches of trees with their feet still able to lightly touch the ground. This is done as punishment - a slow and agonising death for a dog which didn't bring in as much money as expected. After all that is the only thing they are good for.
These dogs are used for hunting in Spain and the rest of Europe, and again, if they do not perform well they are killed.

In Ireland the custom is to bind ex-racing dogs to rail tracks so the trains will kill them by running over them. This is real - a story I heard from an Irish woman who wants to remain anonymous.

In the USA, dogs on Greyhound farms are shot when they do not fulfil the expectations of their owners There were graves found containing over 10 000 Greyhound bodies.

The abuse of the Greyhound face in the hunting arena is just as terrible. Because of their speed, they are used to hunt small game, like rabbits etc. When they are no longer able to produce top speed, they killed nonchalantly. The dogs are sometimes used as bait to hunt sharks! There is photographic evidence of this but we do not wish to publish it on our website as it is far too graphic and traumatising.

This is the truth as no one knows it.

This website is dedicated to inform global citizens of the suffering of these magnificently graceful animals. This website aims to create a need for protection as Greyhounds, like many other animals, have no voice of their own.

So, please help us inform the world. Share the knowledge you have gained here. Help become their voice.

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All the best,

Anjo Verburg

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