News august 2011: An urgent letter from Fermin, head of Scooby, a shelter in Spain where at the moment 500 dogs live. Please give a helping hand by adopting, financial aid or otherwise if you can. or contact one of the associations that intermediate in dog adoptions in your country.
To all the organizations and shelters who help us,
The Situation at Scooby is absolutely desperate. We have 500 dogs and all of a sudden our incomes have been reduced by 3000 per month. This puts us in the need to take animals out of the shelter, as soon as possible. Most of them have already been castrated; they only need their blood tests done. I ask to please focus on our animals, if you take dogs or cats from other shelters, please let them wait for this time. For us it is a situation of life or death; you know that when we were able to, we’ve rescued animals from other places, but now it is us who need the rescue, both financially and by rescuing our animals. If this could be done today it would be even better than tomorrow, for each day that goes by it becomes even more critical. I cannot cope with it anymore, I have tried, but nothing is working.

Scooby is a leading association dealing with the rescue of Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) in Spain and the largest shelter in the country for all sorts of animals.
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scooby medina del campo

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All the best,

Anjo Verburg
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