10-3-2013: Wolves in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes region whose populations recently lost these protections are now being subjected to cruel wildlife management activities, including aerial hunting, bowhunting, trapping (including with steel-jaw traps), and even poisoning. Wolves residing in the Southwest and beyond would no doubt suffer similar fates, and since these populations have not yet recovered, delisting these animals would mean failing to properly administer and implement the Endangered Species Act. We're told that the USFWS intends to submit its proposal in March 2013. Your voice is needed!

10-3-2013: The National Marine Fisheries Service is prepared to give the Navy a permit to use high-powered explosives and deafening sonar during five years of training and testing -- with devastating impacts on whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.
The Fisheries Service needs to hear an immediate outcry from hundreds of thousands of us.

13 januari 2013:
The EPA has determined that the Pebble Mine would spell disaster for Alaska’s Bristol Bay — its legendary salmon runs, its pristine environment and its Native communities. Please make your own voice heard at the White House immediately.
Call on President Obama to save this national treasure by directing his EPA to use its authority under the Clean Water Act to stop the Pebble Mine!

9 November 2012:

Dear Friends,


On October 16th, I delivered a speech in the Senate on the need to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada as part of the ongoing debate on my Bill S-210.  We worked hard to put forth the rational, factual arguments in favour of moving those involved in this industry into better economic opportunities. 


However, the Conservative response on S-210 reveals the sorry state of leadership on this file.  Misleading claims that sealers make 35% of their annual income from the seal hunt (meaning that east coast fishers who made an average $1000 in recent hunts would be bringing home a grand total of $3,000 per year) and a continued failure to acknowledge that the market for seal products is gone and not coming back, symbolize the Conservatives’ stubborn refusal to accept and work with the facts facing the commercial sealing industry.


The Conservatives’ continued attacks on Canadians who are opposed to the hunt, and on animal welfare groups in particular, shows how out of touch the government is and how desperately it is trying to hide its own lack of long-term management plans for the seals and the larger fishery. The government is not listening to Canadians, it is not helping sealers and it is not helping our northern and aboriginal sealers who need their support.  Canadians deserve better.


Please keep up the great work letting Senators know that you support our efforts to end the commercial seal hunt and to move those affected into profitable, viable economic opportunities.




Hon. Senator Mac Harb


25 May 2012:
Great news: Iceland has announced that it will suspend its hunting of fin whales this season!

This is a huge victory for fin whales, which are already listed as an endangered species and could very well be hunted to extinction if this senseless slaughter were to continue.

And it’s a victory for BioGems Defenders like you, who came to the fin whale’s defense through your online activism, your donations and your commitment to stopping the hunt.

In case you needed another reason to care about wildlife, here’s one: If you devote your life to elephants, they might come to your funeral. Or anyway that seems to be what happened for conservationist and “elephant whisperer” Lawrence Anthony, who died in March. A few days after his death, two herds of elephants filed through the bush to their friend’s home, where they appeared to stand vigil for two days, according to Anthony’s family.
27 April 2012:
Letter from Senator Marc Harb about sealing industry.
April 2012:
Good news.
We did it! Thanks to donations from thousands of supporters like you, our hard-hitting ad slamming the two British-based corporations behind the disastrous Pebble Mine appeared in yesterday’s national edition of The New York Times.

The ad will also run in London’s Financial Times on Thursday, the same day that both companies will be holding their annual shareholders meetings -- forcing investors to ask themselves if they really want a share of this environmental and financial disaster.

NRDC will be delivering 400,000 new Letters of Protest to those meetings and we’ll be testifying, alongside representatives from Bristol Bay, against this unacceptable assault on one of America’s last and greatest wild places.

March 2012:
Hi All,
Good news. First of all, Dutch minister Bleeker is investigating the malpratice of dog breeders, so this is great news, we maybe have added a very small pebble to the success of this, by placing an item about malafide dog breeders at our website . Small pebbles will form a large stone, and in the end a giant rock. So we will continue our actions against those awf...
ul dog breeders, no matter what. We have been threatened by these dog breeders, well, let them come, we are not afraid. My believe is that things can be changed by making politicians aware of what is going on, and yes, it worked again. We campaigned against the seal slaughter in Namibia a few years ago, asked politicians to help us and this resulted in a total import ban of all seal products, including the Cape Fur Seal products in the entire European community and creating awareness in the rest of the world about this unknown slaugter. At first it seemed hopeless, but we, and most of all, the Cape Fur Seals, have won. We were their voice. We now try to acomplish the same thing for the thousands and thousands of helpless puppies, breeded by ruthless breeders, only for money, as it always is the cause.
It is always all about money, not the wellbeing of animals. I will continue to protest against this, whatever is within my power, I will never ever give up.
Good news also about the ridicilous whale hunt the Japanese still say they are doing for scientific reasons, but now the whole world knows it is only for consumption. They stopped their hunt, only managed to catch 25% of their idiotic quotum, because Sea Shepherd blocked access to their factory ship. It raises the question also why they need a factory ship if this terrible hunt is only for scientific reasons. Operation Devine Winds as Sea Shepherd called their mission this year was a very succesful one and I applaud them for this.
Thank you Sea Shepherd for saving so many minke whales this year.




Stop the Faroe Islanders annual Slaughter !

All the best,

Anjo Verburg

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