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  • 10-3-2013: Wolves in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes region whose populations recently lost these protections are now being subjected to cruel wildlife management activities, including aerial hunting, bowhunting, trapping (including with steel-jaw traps), and even poisoning. Wolves residing in the Southwest and beyond would no doubt suffer similar fates, and since these populations have not yet recovered, delisting these animals would mean failing to properly administer and implement the Endangered Species Act. We're told that the USFWS intends to submit its proposal in March 2013. Your voice is needed!
  • 10-3-2013: The National Marine Fisheries Service is prepared to give the Navy a permit to use high-powered explosives and deafening sonar during five years of training and testing -- with devastating impacts on whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.
    The Fisheries Service needs to hear an immediate outcry from hundreds of thousands of us.
  • watch this powerful one-minute video, narrated by Pierce Brosnan, about the desperate plight of the last 284 belugas of Alaska’s Cook Inlet. Then tell the Obama Administration to stop the Apache Alaska Corporation from launching a deafening airgun attack that could help push these white whales over the brink of extinction. The explosive noise of airguns used to explore for oil and gas can deafen, injure and even kill whales. Yet Apache is preparing to launch an acoustic onslaught in the belugas’ only home in the world. Even worse: the Obama Administration has just given Apache the green light to proceed.
  • Oil and gas companies are rushing headlong to rapidly expand fracking in our national forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands.
    Send a message to the Bureau of Land Management, telling them to adopt strong safeguards that will protect our natural heritage.
  • The Navy estimates that its five-year plan for training with sonar and explosives will harass, injure or kill marine mammals more than 33 million times! Urge the Navy to put safeguards in place before unleashing this deadly barrage. Take action.
  • One of the companies behind HidroAysén has suspended the project indefinitely, but there’s no guarantee the victory will be permanent. Please urge Chilean President Piñera to stop this attack on wild Patagonia for good. Take action.
  • Yahoo!'s Japanese subsidiary -- Yahoo! Japan -- sells hundreds of whale products on its website. By doing so, it is supporting the country’s senseless and illegal slaughter of whales for profit. Urge executives at Yahoo! to use their influence over Yahoo! Japan to ban the sale of whale products on all of its websites. Take action.
  • 25 May 2012: Every year, hunters kill hundreds of polar bears and then sell their parts legally in the international market. Urge the Obama Administration to pursue a worldwide ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts. Please sign the petition.
  • The Obama Administration is considering a management plan for the Western Arctic Reserve that would protect vital habitat for caribou, polar bears, beluga whales and millions of migratory birds. Help save this natural treasure from oil and gas drilling!
  • 10 May 2012: Brazil's Congress has just passed a bill that gives loggers and farmers free rein to cut down huge swaths of the Amazon. Only President Dilma can veto it. Domestic pressure is mounting, but a massive global outcry will prove her international reputation is at stake. Let's tip her over the edge to stop the Amazon chainsaw massacre -- sign the urgent petition and tell everyone.
  • May 2012 urgent: Our oceans are dying. Beset by pollution and demolition industrial fishing, the magical and bountiful deep blue is turning into a barren desert. But in the next 72 hours, governments are considering a new rescue plan -- and we can help push it through.
    Please sign the petition
  • Two weeks from now, foreign mining giants Anglo American and Rio Tinto -- two of the major backers of the disastrous Pebble Mine -- will hold their annual shareholder meetings in London. There’s no better time for you and me to shine a harsh spotlight on their plans and turn up the heat on their executives and investors. Please watch this one-minute video, then sign our Petition of Protest.
  • Send a message to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, telling her that you support the new standards to limit carbon pollution.
  • The rhino is being hunted into extinction and could disappear forever unless we act now. Shocking new statistics show 440 rhinos were brutally killed last year in South Africa alone -- a massive increase on five years ago when just 13 had their horns hacked off. European nations could lead the world to a new plan to save these amazing creatures but they need to hear from us first!
  • The Canadian Government actually spends more of its taxpayers' money promoting and supporting the seal hunt than the seal hunt brings in. But despite the bans, despite the lack of demand and loss in revenue -- the Canadian Government continues to try to keep the door open on the commercial seal hunt. They are planning a World Trade Organization (WTO) challenge of the EU ban. They're even trying to open new doors, like in China where they are trying to sell the Chinese Government on seal meat. The Canadian Government is ignoring what the world is telling them: that nobody wants Canada's dead seals. Perhaps we need to tell them more directly. And today - the International Day of Action for Seals - is the perfect day to do it. Please tell Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end the cruel commercial seal hunt. Sign here!
  • I urge you to watch this powerful new video, narrated by Robert Redford, about Shell’s plan to explore for oil off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this summer. Take action here.
  • 31-1-2012: Please call on the new Premier of Alberta to abandon plans for logging in the Castle, home to imperiled grizzly bears. Tell her to spare critical grizzly habitat.
  • 21 Januari 2012: Please all sign up here to become a member of NRDC BioGems Defender
  • Januari 2012: Under the tax-relief bill passed by Congress last month, President Obama must decide the fate of the tar sands pipeline within 60 days. Tell the President to face down Big Oil and reject the pipeline! Sign here
    Good news 18 jan 2012: President Obama has just rejected a permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline -- a project that promised riches for the oil giants and an environmental disaster for the rest of us. You can thank him here and keep up the pressure, for this is not the end of the fight.
  • Please sign this petition, and let's all stop eating sushi until the Japanese stop whaling. It is now confirmed officially that they even use funds that are mentioned to help the people in Fukushima to support their idiotic whaling fleet. They still don't get it and tell the world that they are hunting and killing whales for scientific purposes, this makes me so so angry. We have to stop them now, let's all unite. Enough is enough, don't give them a change to kill another whale. I have had it with the Japanese, and for once and for all, this has to end, no matter what. And please support Sea Shepherd, they, again, risk their lives to stop this crazy whaling fleet. The Japanese have announced to kill 900 Minke whales for scientific purpose this year, bull shit, excuse my language, these great creatures all end in Japanese stomachs. Please sign this petition
  • 9 December 2011: Our oceans are dying, our air changing, and our forests and grasslands turning to deserts. From fish and plants to wildlife to human beings, we are killing the planet that sustains us, and fast. There is one single greatest cause of this destruction of the natural world -- climate change, and in the next 4 days, we have a chance to stop it. Sign here the petition.
  • We need your immediate help to defend America’s national forests. The Obama Administration is poised to adopt new rules for their management that would drop key protections for wildlife and watersheds. Please ask President Obama to uphold the existing rules that have protected wildlife in our national forests for decades and mandate much-needed watershed safeguards. Sign the petition here.
  • A 19-year-old student, has been publishing atrocious videos on the Internet which feature him torturing and killing dogs in various extremely cruel ways. Alexey is filmed throwing puppies on the railway and watching trains run over their little bodies. He is also seen cutting off their tails and paws, ripping open their stomachs and pulling out their eyes. Please sign a petition to enprison him for a long time. Sign here
  • October 2011: Please call on the Fish and Wildlife Service to designate the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge as wilderness, which would be off-limits to oil development. If the Coastal Plain is designated as wilderness, it will be protected forever from Big Oil.
    Sign here the example message.
  • November 2011: The land of the Spirit Bear. This spectacular rainforest, which spans the coast of Canada’s British Columbia, is one of our continent’s last and greatest wild places -- home to wolves, bears and abundant marine mammal populations. Its world-class salmon runs have sustained the native people of more than 70 First Nations for thousands of years.
    A pipeline carrying the world’s dirtiest oil through the home of the Spirit Bear could devastate the rainforest  with a single spill. Please watch this 75-second video -- narrated by actor and NRDC Member Kevin Bacon -- and then take action today to save some of the world’s very last Spirit Bears by sending a mail to Enbridge inc..
    And/or c
    all on Premier Clark to stand with her province’s First Nations in opposing the pipeline. And tell her that we will not sacrifice one of our continent’s last great ecosystems, its thousand-year-old cultures and the few remaining Spirit Bears we have left for the sake of oil company profits.
  • November 2011: PETA wants to invite you to join our growing community of activists, supporters, and
    animal lovers on PETA's official Facebook and Twitter pages. Not only will you be
    able to stay on top of our most recent and urgent updates on animal rights, catch the
    latest celebrity campaigns, and share adorable animal photos, you will also have the
    opportunity to discuss animal rights with like-minded people from around the world!
  • The Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans has recently begun a study that could result in the killing of 70,000 grey seals off Canada’s East Coast.
    The Fisheries Minister is pushing federal scientists to justify the slaughter of seals through contrived studies and one-sided hearings for political reasons. He has decided to ignore factors such as the impact of uncontrolled foreign overfishing in the waters off our coast and the total lack of scientific proof that seals are affecting the cod’s recovery.
    The committee is considering an irresponsible cull that could, in my view, have serious negative impact on the Atlantic ecosystem and the long term health of many species, including cod. This slaughter would also result in untold costs to taxpayers and to Canada’s international reputation.
    I have called on the committee to do due diligence and gather scientific evidence from all sides of this issue, not simply the studies that fit in with the unjustifiable goal of killing 70,000 seals. I urge you to write to the committee and its members who can be contacted through the Committee website
    The government needs to know how Canadians and people around the world feel about this indefensible slaughter.
    Hon. Senator Mac Harb
  • Stop the ritual slaughter of innocent animals in the netherlands. Give them a vote.
  • Sign the petition to stop the use of live dogs and cats as bait for fishing or any other purpose.
  • Merci for Animals revealed in a hidden camera action that chickens ment for McDonalds were treated far worse than cruel. Shocking video and petition to ask McDonalds to force deliverers to treat chickens in a civilised way.

  • galgo
    Help raise awareness about the situation of Spanish Galgo's and Greyhounds.
    Scooby is a leading association dealing with the rescue of Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) in Spain and the largest shelter in the country for all sorts of animals. On their website you can read about the history of Scooby and the Galgo, our aims and our achievements.
    Beneficiary for this cause group is Scooby Medina.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and help us reach our goals.

    Fermin Perez, President of Scooby

    1. Galgo's should not be abused, mistreated and discarded like dirt.

    2. Scooby Medina rescues Galgo's and aims to educate about animal welfare in general

    3. The scooby website

    4. Scooby in YouTube:

    5. Scooby in MySpace:

  • december 2011: Tell Kohl's to Ditch Fur! Sent them a message


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